1. Pilot study on the effect of a mouthrinse containing silver zeolite plaque formation.
2. Dynamic viscoelastic properties of antimicrobial tissue conditioners containing silver-zeolite.
3. Megamin, faith, hope and placebos - a critical review
4. La roca magica: uses of natural zeolites in agriculture and industry.
5. Adsorption of desflurane from the scavenging system during high-flow and minimal-flow anaesthesia by zeolites.
6. Inactivation of mercury in contaminated soils using natural zeolites.
7. A multicenter clinical trial of Gadolite Oral Suspension as a contrast agent for MRI.
8. Antifungal effect of zeolite-incorporated tissue conditioner against Candida albicans growth and/or acid production.
9. Gadolinium zeolite as an oral contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging.
10. A natural rubber drainage tube with antithrombogenic lumen surface.
11. Zeolite A increases proliferation, differentiation, and transforming growth factor beta production in normal adult human osteoblast-like cells in vitro.
12. Anti-bacterial zeolite balloon catheter and its potential for urinary tract infection control
13. The potential of a microencapsulated urease-zeolite oral sorbent for the removal of urea in uremia.
14. A reflection filter for isoflurane and other anaesthetic vapours.
15. The effect of natural zeolite on the excretion and distribution of radiocesium in rats
16. Sorption characteristics of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) in biological material in vitro
17. Protection by clinoptilolite or zeolite NaA against cadmium-induced anemia in growing swine.
18. Effects of zeolite a or clinoptilolite in diets of growing swine.
19. Effects of natural zeolite-clinoptilollite on processes of removal of Cs-137 from the rat body
20. Efficacy of zeolitic ore compounds on the toxicity of aflatoxin togrowing broiler chickens.
21. Can zeolites decrease the uptake and accelerate the excretion of radio- caesium in ruminants?
22. The effect of zeolite (clinoptilolite) on the post-feeding dynamics of N metabolism in the portal vein, jugular vein and the rumen fluid of bulls
23. The effect of zeolite on experimentally induced acidosis in sheep
24. Effect of zeolite mineral clinoptilolith on nitogen concentration in bird droppings
25. Enterex: Anti-diarrheic drug based on purified natural clinoptilolite
26. Development and featuring of the zeolitic active principle FZ: A glucose adsorbent

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