MEGAMIN can help when disfunctioning biological processes of the body cause diseases such as:

1.Skin diseases
It can speed up wound healing as well as help treatment of infectious skin diseases (herpes), inflammatory dermatitis (psoriasis) and allergies & skin diseases (dermatitis etc.).Besides taking an oral dose, external application of the powder is recommended from the pill by putting the contents of the capsule on the open wound/diseased part of the skin, few times a day.

2.Malignant diseases
During and after chemotherapy it can help :
·Reducing needs for analgesics and narcotics,
·Reducing/removing liquid from the abdominal cavity (ascites),
·Levels of sedimentation,
·Increasing Iron levels,
·Increasing the number of blood cells,
·Improves the general health of the patient to enable earlier chemotherapy treatment.
·Palliating the side effects like vomiting, stomach nausea, loss of appetite, loss of weight, loss of hair etc.,
·Fungi disappearing, that very often appear during chemotherapy in the mouth and oesophagus and make recovery more difficult,

3.Some connective tissues diseases
Can assist joints to become painless during different collagen diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus) and fibrosis.

4.Spin diseases (the lumbar part)
Can significantly assist in reducing pain during lumbago and sciatica.

5.Gastrointestinal diseases
·It can prevent spasmodical contractions (ulcerative colitis) and pain, also helps regulating the bowel movement.
·Can contribute in normalising stomach super secretion.

·Can help regulate the sugar levels in blood.
·By improving microcirculation, it can decrease the complications of diabetes.

7.Cardiovascular diseases·
·Can contribute in normalisation of abnormal contractions in the rhythmical beats of the heart (exstrasistole of the unknown aetiology, tachycardia),
·Can also assist towards blood pressure regulation.

8.Haematopoietic diseases
·Can support the normalisation of disordered values of diseases such as anaemia and the white blood cells.

9.Central nervous system diseases and neuromuscular disorders
·Can help in tranquillising tremors, in regulating of muscle tension, in eliminating muscle spasms and pathological reflexes as well as assisting in decreasing frequency and intensity of epileptic attacks.

10. Liver diseases
·Contributes to the improvement of the general condition and helps liver enzymes (AST, ALT, yGT) in reaching normal values.