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Case Report #1 - Complication of diabetes
Patient B.B.
Date of birth: 1942.
Diagnosis: Diabetes was diagnosed 1982. Up to year 1982. patient didn't have medical problems.

Medical treatment was based on diet and oral application of hypoglycemic drugs. In 1995. his right lower leg was amputated. Since May 1996 he's been taking the insulin. From march 1999. on the left lower leg ulcerations of various sizes has appeared. The wounds were bending with rivanol and povidon. There was no doubt that in very near future his left lower leg also should be amputated.

He's been taking Megamin (together with insulin) since Sep 22 1999. orally and by putting the powder from the capsules on the wounds.

On Sep 22 on the left lower leg three ulcers (5, 3 and 1 cm) were visible on the surface . Strong pains in lower leg with intensive itching with offensive smell around ulcers were present.

Effects of Megamin (together with prescript medical therapy):

  • After 7 days - less pain and less itching, better and restful sleep
  • After 10 days - less offensive smell, appearing of the healthy tissue as well as the beginning of granulation.
  • After 30 days - two smaller ulcers were completely closed while on the biggest ulcer epitalisation started on the borders of ulcers.
  • After 75 days - complete epitalisation of the two smaller ulcers and 90% epitalization of the widest ulcer. There were no signs of inflammation any more.
  • After 200 days - the biggest ulcer closed completely.

It is important to mention that in the period of monitoring the effects of Megamin was regulated glycaemia too. There are no pains and itching any more.

Case Report #2 - Neurodermitis
Patient: I.P.
Diagnosis: Neurodermitis
Year of birth: 1969.
Anamnesis: - in childhood suffered from the spasmic bronchitis. After second pregnancy (1995) changes on the skin appeared. They were most visible on the hands, on the both sides of fists. Medical treatment was based on antialergic and corticosteroid therapy. Beside prescript therapy skin changes still remained together with redness, itching and sense of burning. Longer period of corticosteroid therapy caused bacterial super infections. Fists joints edema was present too.

Patient has been taking Megamin orally and powder since July 1999.

15 days after taking Megamin clynical picture was better as well as less signifficant redness and itching was present. There is no more fists joints aedems, no more itching and no more burning (Fig 4). Patient is now in position to maintain all house works without gloves; that was not possible before.

Case Report # 3 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
Patient A.P.
Year of birth: 1948.
Diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Diagnosticate: 1992

Medical treatment was based on physical therapy and medicaments (analgesics -Auropan, Ibuprofen).

The status on April 1999:
Patient had a heavy shape of the inflammatory rheumatism with edemas of both hand joints, with swollen metacarpal joints, right elbow was in flexion contraction, with limited flexion and extension of both knees, with edemas on both legs ankles joined with limited mobility.

Started with Megamin intake on April 1999.

7 days after the beginning of Megamin intake better mobility of small joints was noticed. Also the needs for analgesics decreased, so she took one of them from time to time, while she removed the other one from the therapy.

14 days later the mobility of bigger joints improved together with significantly edemas decreasing.

It is important to mention that seven days absence of Megamin symptoms temporally detoriated.

Since than patient takes Megamin regularly and has no problems with mobility and edemas.

Case Report # 4 - Morbus Crohn
Patient: M.P.
Year of birth: 1967.
Diagnosis: Morbus Chron
Diagnosticate: December 1998.
Therapy: Sulfosalazin 3x1 Peptoran 2x1 Medrol 2x1

Started with Megamin intake: January 1999.

During ten months, the patient had periods without taking Megamin regularly. The quantity was also different. He took the prescript therapy regularly, but he decreased dosages of sulfosalizin and peptoran and completely removed medrol (steroid hormone) from therapy.

Patient increased the body weight for 20%, he noticed decreasing of pain; number and consistence of bowel movement become normal.

Case Report # 5 - Cirrhosis biliaris
Patient: K.K.
Year of birth: 1934.
Diagnosis: Cirrhosis biliaris
Anamnesis: - Cirrhosis biliaris was diagnosticate in 1995 (clinically, laboratory, ultrasound and pathohistology) Weakness, lose vitality, tiredness and sleepless were present. From time to time pains were appeared under the right rib ark and spreading towards backside. The edema of the legs ankles was present too.

Therapy: Ursofalk 800 g daily

Megamin intake - December 1998

  • 15 days after taking Megamin, the patient felt «stronger and stamina»
  • 45 days after taking Megamin the edema around legs ankles disappeared while pains under the right rib ark and backside were less significant.
Ultrasound results:
Jun 1999. - the liver was slightly increased. Patient felt very well, and was able to perform normal activities without sense of tiredness,
December 1999. - the liver had normal size


Case Report # 6 - Malignant diseases
Among nearly 50 patients with malignant process (mostly mammae, respiratory and gastrointestinal system) the influence of Megamin was observed. By the most of the patients chemotherapy and irradiation treatment was aplicated.

Decreases pain
Improves appetite
Improves general condition
Improves general health
Increases physical condition